Trivia at Night Light Lounge…

Every Tuesday at 7, the Night Light Lounge hosts the best trivia in Portland. Hosted by the the quiz-tastic Elijah and fabulous George, it is an evening of food, drinks, and friendly competition.

We are at capacity most nights, so make your reservations today!

Your Weekly Message from Elijah


Once upon a time I would write these blog posts knowing nobody would ever go to the Geeks Who Drink website to read them. 90% of the time they would have little to do with the quiz that happened that night. Well... Those days are officially over, because now we're emailing them directly to you every week via the Nightlight email list to make extra sure you reserve your table on the regular. This will make quiz run smoother and George's life better, which will make everyone's life better by extension.  That being said... If you're a purveyor of fine blogs or an otherwise astute reader, I'm warning you right now, this will NOT be the most intelligent read of your week. But hey, you want a reserved seat for Tuesday trivia and I want to keep on delivering it, so we're in this together. The pact is sealed and there is no turning back.

Lets see... Highlights are as follows: We bumped slow-mo jams in round 2, which sound surprisingly similar to normal jams after you tack on a few xanax bars and half bottle of wine because your life lacks direction. We had Stickmen Brewery rolling through with delicious seasonal alcohol and swag - always cool. Everyone who attends quiz is seemingly significantly better at algebra than I am and I'm okay with this.  One Bush Down scratched out a win over Budget Sex Toys by 4 points on tonight's quiz. I still don't pronounce foreign names well in spite of having traveled to numerous countries and continents - again, I am okay with this. That about covers it. Thanks for reading and we'll see you next Tuesday! 


Reserve your table today!

all reservations need to be received by 5pm on the day of the game