Trivia at Night Light Lounge…

Every Tuesday at 7, the Night Light Lounge hosts the best trivia in Portland. Hosted by the the quiz-tastic Elijah and fabulous George, it is an evening of food, drinks, and friendly competition.

We are at capacity most nights, so make your reservations today!

Your Weekly Message from Elijah


Sorry about the late post. I ran into some tech difficulties. Anyhow we had a busy night with Ecliptic rolling through with free swag and samples of delicious libations. We had strong showings from all the teams except the ones who got terrible ADD and quit part of the way through. And to those of you who got in late and decided to try anyhow, we see you and we appreciation your chutzpah. Its not ewasy beating these teams with all 8 rounds under your belt, let alone 7-6. 

Next week is our two year anniversary, so definitely roll through. There will be champagne and other awesomeness. 


Reserve your table today!

all reservations need to be received by 5pm on the day of the game