Trivia at Night Light Lounge…

Every Tuesday at 7, the Night Light Lounge hosts the best trivia in Portland. Hosted by the the quiz-tastic Elijah and fabulous George, it is an evening of food, drinks, and friendly competition.

We are at capacity most nights, so make your reservations today!

Your Weekly Message from VERONICA


Hello! Tuesday it is! This week we had 16 teams that welcomed my back from a 2 week hiatus with open arms! We had some newbies and our classic people, which is always a blast. I enjoyed a delicious Strawberry Frose as my tasty beverage! Frose in the summer is the freakin' BEST! If you didn't know, Night Light kills it in the drink department, AND food department. Keep it up.

This week we had some fun rounds like Round 8 where four teams got perfect rounds, but had already Jokered on round 2!! The Tokens took the cake with second place, really for saving that joker for the final round! Our  first place winner loves to spell things absolutely correctly, Nietzsche with a "C" (Like We Spelled It Last Time) and aren't all salty about last week's accusations. They're awesome and kill it every week.

One big gripe for me, is people said Biggie Smalls for round 3, with the clue saying he was Kanye's protege. Maybe I'm a rap nerd, but timing! AND SKILLS Y'ALL. But all is well, some people still put the correct answer, Big Sean. 

This week's must watch list includes Mindhunter. I started watching the new season yesterday and I'm hooked! It's a little slow burn, but its serious, and very mentally thrilling. On the complete opposite side, I saw Hobbs and Shaw. If you're wanted nonstop action, cars, helicopters, and tribal weapons, this is the movie. TO. SEE!! I loved it. I'm seeing it again tomorrow. 

Until next week! 


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