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Every Tuesday at 7, the Night Light Lounge hosts the best trivia in Portland. Hosted by the the quiz-tastic Elijah and fabulous George, it is an evening of food, drinks, and friendly competition.

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Your Weekly Message from VERONICA


What a whirlwind! This week was extra special with seventeen teams playing, and my family being one of them. They were of course the most rowdy, with my dad yelling out the very first answer, despite me CLEARLY saying the rules of the game earlier.  They ended up leaving early after round seven, even though they would have killed round 8, I'm sure of it! 

As for all the rest of my homies, Bob Loblaw's Law Blog was back for round two, coming in second place. But Sliding Into Your DMZ took home the top spot both in knowledge, and my heart. That team name was absolutely killer.  The theme tonight was obviously Stranger Things. With the newest season coming out on July 4th, of course GWD was doing hella promotions, and I'm not made at all! I can't wait! 

It's always funny with music rounds, people having part of the song, or too much. For instance, The Sign by Ace of Base, so many people put I Saw The Sign. It's like, you got it, BUT you didn't. Same with the movies, Round 5 definitely through in that trickery with Katniss going through the fire, and the sequel not being Catching Fire. What a twist!

Our friends from Buoy Brewing were in to samples some tasty beers and give out all the swag! I also got a sweet blue shirt so I'm a happy camper! They also killed it in the trivia competition! They came in 4th! Plus they were super engaged which I love from a guest coming in! 

As for this week's watch list, I'll of COURSE be watching Stranger Things, and I'm planning to go see Spider Man: Far From Home! I'm super psyched to see this final chapter in the Infinity Saga of the MCU!

I'll see ya'll next week! 


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