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Every Tuesday at 7, the Night Light Lounge hosts the best trivia in Portland. Hosted by the the quiz-tastic Elijah and fabulous George, it is an evening of food, drinks, and friendly competition.

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Your Weekly Message from Elijah


I read Charles Guitea's (the guy who shot president Garfield) abridged bio when I listened to the audio round 7 this week, and this unfortunate bastard failed at damn near everything his entire life. He epitomized being a born loser and in June 1860 joined the utopian religious sect the Oneida Community, in Oneida, New York, with which Guiteau's father already had close affiliations. Despite the "group marriage" aspects of that sect, he was generally rejected during his five years there, and was nicknamed "Charles Gitout". 

Damn... Join a polygamist cult, cant get a nod, and gets tagged with a shitty nickname? There's a lot more fail in there but that one got me. 

Mistletoe Mooseknuckle snagged first and Budget Sex Toys second (hi Kimberly you narcissist), but I'm sure the highlight for everyone was staying warm and dry. 

I hope all your plural marriages are scathing nickname free! See you next Tuesday


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